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Elizabeth Evans Blessed Life Counseling New Smyrna Beach
Elizabeth Evans, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MT 3538
APSATS Certified Clinical Partner Specialist Candidate (CCPS-C)
EMDR trained Level 1 and 2
Brainspotting Level 1
Gottman Method Couples Training Level 1 and 2


Change is inevitable, no one stays the same in their life journey. I am passionate about helping others walk through the mountains and valleys in life growing stronger by building their inner strength. Each one of us has wounds and scars but they do not have to define who we are. I love working with individuals, couples, and families to draw on the positive qualities of each member in the family system in order to guide the family toward a more mentally healthier life. Connection is the secret ingredient to your overall well being.

I work with anyone who has a desire to change. Whether it is a present day wounding or past childhood scars, there is always hope for a better life when you have someone to walk through the pain with. We are created for connection, and without it we cannot thrive.

The power of our breath is a technique I teach trauma survivors and those suffering with anxiety. Often living life in a "on alert" mental state, they experience triggers through out the day, most likely being false alarms to any really danger. The breath can calm the Sympathetic nerve that is telling the brain to fight or flee. By engaging, through breathing, the parasympathetic nerve we calm the hyper arousal response to a more calm state. This is called the Window of Tolerance, which I like to say is where the magic happens. My right brain can talk to your right brain, and we connect. Our brains are so amazing, they just need breath to bring us to the mental state we all want to do life in so we can make healthy decisions, not quick reactions without using our rational brain. If suffering from depression, the Sympathetic nerve may need a little nudging. Breathing is what is also needed. As a clinician who practices yoga and trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, I use breathing techniques on my own body.

As a trained therapist in the technique of BrainSpotting and EMDR, I am witness to the power of the human mind healing itself. It is believed, “What we look at, affects how we feel”. By using BrainSpotting and EMDR in my practice, trauma, anxiety, any stressful event can gently be processed and lives transformed.

Florida State University – MS in Special Education
Palm Beach Atlantic University – MS in Counseling Psychology, Marriage and Family

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Care Provider
*CCPS-C (candidate)The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists, a multidimensional partner trauma model
*EMDR Level 1 and 2,  trained by EMDRIA

Prepare Enrich Facilitator- premarital / marriage 
Trauma Sensitive Yoga
Sex Made Simple
Play Therapy for Children
Brainspotting- Level 1
AEDP- Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Level 1.
Gottman Couples Therapy, Level 1 and 2


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