Individual Therapy

Individual Counseling

How do I know I need help?
When an individual begins to question if they need help coping with life, the answer is yes. Chances are they ignored some of the body's warning signals going off for awhile. Our bodies are absolutely amazing. Our stomach can tighten, throat constrict, head throb, heart racing, even a body temperature change. Those are a few of the physical changes. We have emotional signals as well, such as fear, anxiousness, an intense sense of doom or the desire to run. When we use a coping mechanism that is unhealthy like avoidance, dismissiveness, or even blame to ignore the signs are body gives us, the issue becomes bigger. Our body does not like to be ignored. It will get louder and louder until an area of your life is affected. It may show up in lack of motivation, depression, anger, which can lead to a break in a relationship or even a job loss.  

One of the goals of individual therapy is to recognize the warning signs your body is given you. Helping clients to slow down and listen is the first step at Havens Counseling. Becoming attune to our own language is crucial if we want others to "get us". Articulating what we feel is important, without it there is no healthy communication. 

Individual therapy sessions last between 50 minutes. The frequency and duration of therapy will depend largely on your needs, treatment goals, and progress. Often client’s concerns are readily resolved with short-term therapy ( 3-6 sessions), and other chronic or more complex concerns require long-term (10 sessions or more) commitment before improvement is realized. My goal is that with every session the client has learned something new and able to move closer towards an overall improved life. Whether it is a present day issue or an event from the past that is causing distress in your life, talking to a licensed therapist will diminish the power this “thing” has on your life. When we allow light to go into dark places they are no longer dark and as scary as when they were kept in a secret hiding place.

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Unhappiness/Loneliness
  • Lack of Focus
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Unable to trust others
  • Sexual Integrity
  • Relationship Betrayal
  • Spiritual Issues

These are some of the big ones seen by every therapist. Finding a qualified therapist in Orlando may seem easy since there are so many of us. To determine if the therapist is a good fit, attend at least 2 sessions. If you do not feel heard and validated, then move on to another therapist. Keep trying, you will find one that fits. If you bounce from therapist to therapist and you keep hearing the same thing, you may be in denial. Often times, what we need to hear are the hardest words to hear. Awareness is always the first step. You can do this, you can have a better life. By finding a therapist and having an open heart to receive what is being said, and the willingness to do the hard work, the reward is worth it. 

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am trained to diagnosis mental disorders. I believe we must go into the past in order to move into the future. Events and life experience from our past has a way of holding us back, wanting us to resolve any conflict left open for healing. By using compassionate listening and motivational questioning, we can heal old wounds and move forward with understanding and compassion.

Clients often enter into counseling with Anxiety, Depression, or Trauma. These mental disorders can impact relationships on all areas of life. With a trained professional uncovering the root of the issue and exploring new ways to manage the fears, sadness, and wounding, an individual can live a healthier life. 

Anxiety- is a fear based condition. When we fear something will happen, our brain goes into survival mode. Our response to fear is fight, flight or freeze. The heart can pick up speed or slow down preparing to attack, run, or go to an unknown mind space.  The fear can generate from the past, history repeating, or from the future, unknown. Regardless, of how it originates, there are effective methods and tools to emotionally regulate the brain and lessen the stress on the body allowing the rational mind to determine if the perceived danger is real and what needs to be done in order to be safe.

Depression- is when a client can no longer enjoys life and last over 2 weeks. Symptoms may be a lack of energy, motivation, focus, deep sadness, emotional lows, and possibly thoughts of suicide. The emotions affect all relationships, eating, and sleeping. Depression falls in the category of a mood disorder which means we can experience highs and lows. Staying in the low level for too long is difficult to come out of on our own. A counselor can give an individual tools and goals to balance the emotions overtime. It is not unusual when one individual of the family is experiencing depression that the other members need to learn how to support and encourage the hurting individual. 

Trauma and Stress Related Disorders- An event happens, which can be traumatic, but a therapist must also consider the client's character structure and genetic inheritance. The whole of the individual can lead to a more severe reaction to an event. Stress related disorders can be managed with support and tools from a counselor.  These events are often called big T or little T. In other words, things happen to us out of our control, Big T, and we need things that we did not get, Little T. By the use of processing, re-framing, and empowering the client can move onto a path of healing from a traumatic event. First step, is stabilization. Until the client feels safe, there will be little movement to improved overall mental health.

Individual counseling can be intimidating at the beginning of the process. It is scary at times to open oneself up to a complete stranger. Often a client will hold off sharing the most intimate dealings of his or her life until the relationship feels safe. A counselor who listens with intent and compassion can readily gain the trust so the client feels more at ease disclosing the hidden parts of them-self. We all have parts that embarrass us or we wish didn't exist. Counseling can uncover the truth behind our emotions and behaviors. Helping us to understand ourselves in a deeper and more compassionate manner, allowing an individual to then grow without the walls that may have been built in defense of a wound. True unity within our self can only happen when we know who we are with authentic acceptance. No judgement just understanding and self love.