Sitting in a circle with a licensed therapist being guided through processing each others pain can be an intense and supportive method of therapy. When you see others who have suffered similar wounding, you no longer feel that you are "the only". Empathy is engaged and your own healing begins. There is a sense of confidence when you can hold another person's trauma along with your own, your capacity to do hard things expands and your perspective of your life focuses on what is truly important, your healing.


Partners of Sexual Betrayal- Women's Group

2 Groups begins Feb. 27 (10-11:30 a.m.) and Feb. 25 (6:30-8 p.m.) , meeting weekly for 8 weeks. Book discussed is Intimate Deception by Sheri Keffer. Topics covered: boundaries, triggers, trust, forgiveness, and more. . Whether you are still in the relationship or you no longer together, if you are hurting and struggling come to this group to find support and healing. Have you been told you are codependent or blame yourself? This group will use the latest research to show you have no power over his behavior, you must control your own emotions and behavior. You are just as important as he is. This is a Christian group, God's word will be incorporated. **** Must preregister.

Cost: $30 if active client (session in the last 6 months), $40 for others

Not included: book  Intimate Deception by Sheri Keffer

For more information about book and author's story:

Intimate Deception / DR. SHERI KEFFER 1

Intimate Deception / DR. SHERI KEFFER 2