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"Wow, I never thought of it that way"

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am pulled into the belief that one affects the whole. I have witnessed this many times. Why not get the whole family in to counseling so we can have even a greater change? If the members are willing, it can be an amazing healing journey when validation, understanding, and compassion happens. We are all connected to each other. The impact we have on one another is limitless.

The First Step

Individual Counseling is a big deal. One person can make a difference in a relationship. If you become different, even a small tweak, the people in your relationships will adjust and become different as well. Can’t promise they will go in the direction you want, but they will have to move because you did. Change is a big deal. Personal growth is a big deal. No wonder why some individuals are scared to talk to a therapist. Talking about change and expanding ourselves to become a better version can be intimidating. Opening oneself to criticism and judgement can be anxiety provoking. What if the counseling office was a non-judgement zone? What if we leave criticism out of the office? That includes self criticism. I strive to make my office a safe place for my clients to open up and explore his or her actions along with the thoughts and emotions that are driving the behavior.  I will walk right beside you, gentling nudging you to a healthier version. Growing when needed and then deeply breathing in the sweet smell of success when you have accomplished even a small change, which can lead to the big deal.
As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I know the impact one small movement can have on the whole family system. When one person is ready to make a change, even if that means to have a clearer understand as to why he or she feels the way they do, amazing things can happen. As scary as talking to a complete stranger seems, I strive to provide an environment that is welcoming and inviting, even when we have to go into the depths of the human spirit to find healing. 
The “Wow, I never thought of it that way”, is why I love my job. I enjoy asking questions so my client can expand the lens in which he or she has been viewing the world they live in. My life experience is much different than yours. I do not have to experience trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, or any other mental condition to have empathy. Because I choose to sit in my client’s experience, I allow my self to feel a much as possible what he or she feels. This is empathy. I choose to be present with you. Empathy is a skill that is learned over time. Once a human being feels empathy being given to themselves they are more likely to learn how to give it. As a therapist, I can be the model of what this important life skill looks like and feels like. With the use of technology we are losing the skill of empathy at an alarming rate. It takes eye contact, tone, body language, and emotional regulation to be able to give empathy. Once you develop empathy, next is compassion. With compassion forgiveness is possible.
Do you want better communication and understanding? Do you want a more passionate relationship? Do you want to feel better mentally? Do you just want another pair of eyes on the issue to gain a new perspective? Do you NEED to be seen AND heard? Then love yourself well by choosing to put yourself on the path of inner healing.

Psalm 34:18 ESV
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.
Next Steps…
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